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Opportunity to promote growth

Our values ​​arethe same – DEVELOPMENT, EXCELLENCE, SUPPORT!



Donating to the foundation “Riga Technical UniversityDevelopment Fund”, everyone has the opportunity to implement socially responsible policies and to become patrons, contributing to RTU students’ excellence, providing support to RTU scientific and academic staff, as well as ensuring the development of infrastructure.



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Tax reductions for donors - legal entities

According to the Law “On Enterprise Income tax”, when businesses donate to foundations registered in the Republic of Latvia that have been granted Public Benefit Status according to the Public Benefit Organizations Law, the businesses have the right to receive an income tax reduction. For legal entities, the income tax is decreased by 85 % from the amount of the donation. However, total reductions may not exceed twenty percent of the total amount of tax.

Property or financial means that the payer transfers to a public benefit organization (which has been granted such status in accordance with the Public Benefit Organizations Law) on the basis of a contract without charge to achieve the purposes specified in its Articles of Association, constitution or by-laws, shall be deemed to be a donation within the meaning of this Section, providing it is not deemed a reciprocal duty by the recipient to perform activities deemed to be a consideration thereof.We work towards the development of tertiary educationand science in Latvia!


The Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia has granted the statusof a provider of public goods to the Development Fund (Resolution No. 61 of 22 April 2005) with the aim to support education, science, culture and sports, which enables benefactors to receive enterprise income tax rebate according to the Law on Enterprise Income Tax, Section 20.1.

Scholarships are not taxable

We together with our partners help academic and research staff achieve more!

The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia has granted the Development Fund of Riga Technical University the right to grant non-taxable scholarships.


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