RTU Development Fund invites students to apply for scholarships in academic year 2013/2014

RTU Development Fund organizes different scholarship competitions for students, researchers and scientific collaborators in academic year 2013/2014. Fund thanks benefactors for their support and invites students to apply for scholarships.  


Scholarship competitions are organized with the aim of facilitating training highly qualified specialists in education, science, culture and sports (in terms of education), promoting Latvian students’ and young scientists’ creative skills, as well as enabling their efficient use and development.


Students can apply for different scholarships which are intended for the most motivated and diligent students of RTU and other universities. Information about current and implemented scholarships can be found in webpage www.fonds.rtu.lv.


Students can apply for academic achievement scholarships, science and research achievement scholarships and scholarships for promotion of practical skills.


RTU Development Fund has already announced in academic year 2013/2014 such scholarships as „Future professional”, „Exigen Services Latvia”, „DPA”, „SAKRET”, „ITERA Latvia”, „Z-Light”, „Latvijas balzams”, „SAF Tehnika”, „Latvijas Gāze”, „Latvijas dzelzceļš” and other.


In Year 2012, RTU Development Fund announced 538 scholarship and award competitions, participated in 21 project and worked with 110 benefactors (59 – legal entities, 51 – natural persons).